Our philosophy

  • Through strength and unity, we form partnerships that work constructively, increasing our advantages and broadening our clients' horizons in every business need.

  • The result is a commitment to the quality of our services.

  • Maintaining strong ties, through trust and efficiency we work as a coordinated team with our partners for the desired outcome.

  • Together, we are winners.
  • A. Patsis - V. Papalouka-Patsis

    Our story

    A vision that becomes reality

    Foresight based on the firm’s philosophy and growth at all levels has become the basis for JPA to become  the top most trusted law firm.

    In the late 1980s, JPA's Managing Partner, Andreas Patsis, had the foresight to see the change that was coming to legal services.  Deservedly described as a mentor now, in 1992 he was inspired and founded the law firm Andreas Patsis and Associates in Athens, which became the foundation of JPA Legal.

    A client list with transactions worth more than 10 billion euros that would be unfair to compare with any other in the country, put JPA Greece on the podium of the winners in its genre and indeed as such is the only one.  JPA Greece now has 3 offices and state-of-the-art systems to better meet the rising demands of the market.

    Taff Kara has been cooperating with Andreas for more than 10 years,and Okan for more than 15 years During the last few years, as they foresaw the upcoming demand for global legal services, the three decided to integrate proudly and honourably into JPA, joining Andreas as partners in the Board of Members. 

    As operations expanded, to meet the demands of our global clients JPA ventured into the emerging market of Africa, teaming up with Lubosi to enable JPA Legal to ride the momentum.

    The Board’s joint vision is sealed by the relentless journey of non-stop , in experience, knowledge and qualified development with one of the largest full service business law firms, providing legal, corporate governance, compliance and management  services to the highest standards.

    Our clients are our strength

    The challenges of the times we have gone through in the easy and the very difficult years of the global crisis have been met with the opportunities we have given our clients through our legal services. These legal services of JPA, aided them to stand deservedly in the markets and contributed to the developmental uplift of the country. 

    From small and medium enterprises to large multinationals, banking institutions and investment schemes to government agencies, management of private and public assets was what essentially contributed to JPA being recognized today as one of the leading firms in the field of providing high quality legal services all over Greece and internationally.

    Our principles

    We believe in winning and success through hard work.

    We maintain the quality of our services in every case regardless of the size of the case or business.

    Through an integrated strategic approach we aim for professionalism across the board.

    JPA's comparative advantage is our global presence, which through unparalleled expertise and know-how can deliver guaranteed success.

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