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Dimitris Karonis is a seasoned international business manager currently excelling in his role at JPA Legal. With a rich tapestry of achievements spanning diverse industries, Karonis has firmly established himself as a visionary leader and a catalyst for business success.

His journey includes the acquisition of the Yo!Sushi franchise for Greece and Cyprus, where he not only became the owner but also the Master Franchisee. His exemplary management skills and strategic vision led Yo!Sushi to unprecedented heights, earning him the prestigious Gold Ermis accolade from the Greek Chamber of Commerce.

Dimitris's prowess in business expansion and market penetration was further evident as he played a pivotal role in growing and launching two companies onto the Greek Stock Exchange. As the CEO of Athlete’s Foot, the largest sportswear and footwear shop in the USA, he achieved remarkable milestones, including winning the esteemed award for the highest turnover increase of a company in Europe.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dimitris has held directorial, CEO, and ownership positions in various companies spanning the retail, advertising, wholesale, and marketing sectors since 1999. His entrepreneurial spirit and innovative initiatives have consistently driven growth and profitability across diverse business landscapes.

As an international business manager at JPA Legal, Dimitris Karonis continues to leverage his extensive expertise, strategic insights, and unparalleled track record to drive growth and success in the global business arena.

Dimitris Karonis

International Business
Development Director

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