Administrative - Tax Law

JPA undertakes to advise, support and represent you in administrative, tax and insurance disputes.

The expertise of our partners, as well as our continuous updating with active participation in the ever-changing tax legislative framework, ensures success the legal protection your business needs.

In particular, we provide following services:

- Community and state aid law

- Community and national legal aid legislation, including Community and state aid law

- Terms and conditions of inclusion in a new development law

- Public employment law, disciplinary public employment law

- Law on competitions of the Independent Personnel Selection Committee [ASEP]

- Urban Planning Law

- Space order Planning Law

- Tax law, representation and support of legal entities before administrative courts or tax and general administrative authorities in relation to disputes arising from the tax authorities (special administrative appeals, appeals against acts of the tax administration, etc.).

- Tax planning and organisation of companies, Opinions on corporate tax matters

- Dealing with tax audits and illegal practices of the tax authorities, Special tax audits of property/bank accounts

The Projects, Energy and Infrastructure group has a track record of successfully providing first class legal services across all sectors of the infrastructure and energy industries.  We advise on energy law, infrastructure finance, transport issues and other such matters:

  • EU and national law regulatory matters relating to energy sector, including, but not limited to, advice in relation to regulatory proceedings, representation before EU regulators and related litigation as appropriate

  • Corporate law matters, including transactions in Greece and internationally whether you are acting as Buyers or Sellers in such transactions.

  • Financial matters, including, inter alia, entering into financing and refinancing agreements, issuing financial instruments, etc.

Our lawyers understand the commercial, strategic, technical, geographic and political factors that shape and influence these industries, as well as the business issues and risks inherent in working in these sectors. Our leading market presence also allows us first-hand access to contacts, sponsors and key decision makers globally.

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