Arbitration | Mediation

JPA has extensive experience in all aspects of arbitration, from commercial arbitrations, to investment arbitrations. Our experienced lawyers are familiar with all arbitration procedures, which will determine the entire dispute from inception to final award.


Both our attorneys and our skilled associates - certified mediators - have in-depth knowledge of litigation, arbitration and mediation and are able to offer comprehensive strategies that will lead to the desired outcome. The knowledge and experience of our team allows us to provide you with consistent quality for each of our clients to manage any potential risk or implement the most effective solutions to reduce them.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Representing clients in commercial arbitrations

  • Representing clients in investment arbitration proceedings

  • Advising clients on the scope of arbitration agreements

  • Acting as a mediator in mediation proceedings agreed between claimants

  • Banking mediation for natural and legal persons

  • Settlement of overdue debts

  • Renegotiation of contract terms

  • Restructuring of business loans

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