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JPA has specialized experience in data protection law and provides legal advice and services to businesses and companies in the context of their compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and the new legal environment with which they are required to comply.

Indicatively services for the preparation of the GDPR compliance project:

- Legal assistance in creating a data flow mapping of the company, which consists both in defining the legal bases of the processing and in examining the legal correctness of the overall content of the mapping.

- Legal assistance in drafting the Gap Analysis report.

- Drafting of a Personal Data Protection Policy.

- Drafting of Requests (paper and electronic) to exercise the rights of data subjects (access, rectification, deletion, restriction, opposition or withdrawal of consent and transferability).

- Amendment of Employee Regulations - Policy on the correct use of communication media and devices.

- Modification of the "Terms of Use" of the website regarding personal data.

- Drafting of Cookies Use Policy posted on a website.

- Drafting of a text of information and/or obtaining consent regarding the processing of personal data for paper applications.

- Drafting of informative text for the website contact form.

- Drafting of an informative text for obtaining consent for e-shop/portal website user account/reward programs.

- Instructions for implementing a newsletter service.

- Drafting of "Disclaimer" of personal data for e-mails.

- Contracts/parts of contracts/modification of contracts between (a) Process Responsible entities and Processors and (b) between Jointly Responsible for process entities.

- Data Protection Officer (DPO) contracts.

- Contracts/Annexes to contracts/amendment of employee contracts to include all necessary information under the GDPR on the processing of their personal data and to commit to confidentiality and a "clean office" policy.

- Drafting of an information and consent document for taking and using photos/videos.

- Privacy by design in new products and services.

- Instructions for the correct implementation of promotions and competitions.

- Legal opinions on issues relating to personal data legislation.

We provide legal support to the DPO after the completion of the company's GDPR compliance project.

Representation services before the Data Protection Authority and the courts on personal data issues.

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