Labour Law | Dispute Resolution

We undertake any legal action on behalf of the employer. Amongst others:

  • Providing advice and drafting opinions for employers on all types of Employment Law issues.

  • The out-of-court resolution of labour disputes between employers and employees, with the aim of reaching an agreement without unilateral actions.

  • Representation of employers in all types of cases (filing an application for an employment dispute, objection against inspection notices and acts imposing fines, etc.).

  • Representing employers before any court or authority.

  • Legal check of the employment contracts of the company's staff and of the employer's general employment policy, as well as of their harmonisation with the legal framework.

  • Out-of-court and judicial representation of companies and negotiation in matters of labour disputes. Judicial handling of all types of individual labour law cases.

  • Providing legal assistance to businesses, advisory services and continuous information on labour issues (latest legislative developments in the field of wages, leave and benefits, recruitment and dismissal, termination and cancellation of employment contracts).

  • Drafting, amending and interpreting contracts of employment, independent services, pre-contracts and clauses.

  • Drawing up employment regulations for companies and groups of companies.

  • Protection of enterprises in the exercise of trade union rights, representation of employers in the conclusion of collective labour agreements, consultations before the Institute of Mediation and Arbitration [OMED].

  • Representation before the Labour Inspectorate and other administrative bodies, appeals against acts imposing fines.

  • Out-of-court and amicable settlement of labour disputes, mediation between employers and employees.

  • Out-of-court assistance to companies and legal representation in industrial accidents.

  • Flexible forms of work, guidance and harmonisation of enterprises towards their lawful implementation.

  • Resolution of issues relating to the exercise of an employer's management right. Acquisition, merger, transfer of undertakings/change of employment relationship.

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