Public Procurement | Infrastructure Projects

Our lawyers have more than 3 decades of experience in the infrastructure market and act on behalf both sponsors and lenders in a wide range of limited offer financing transactions. We have broad experience of PPP/PFI transactions and thorough knowledge of many market sectors including energy (thermal and renewable energy), transport (roads, airports and shipping), oil, gas, commodities and water.

We have experience in executing all types of infrastructure finance, including project finance and other secured, structured finance, bond finance and other financing solutions tailored to the current market.

Our team also offers services:

   Public Procurement Law

- Electronic tenders for the award of projects, supplies and services

- Pre-litigation appeals to the Committee of Reassessing of Pre court Complaints [AEPP]

- Applications for Suspension / Applications for Annulment

- Law on the implementation of public supply and service contracts

- Pre-contractual control of public contracts by the Court of Auditors

- Financial law (matters within the competence of the Court of Auditors)

We take an active role in understanding project economics and are skilled in creating innovative solutions to mitigate credit risks.