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At JPA we have partners with vast experience in global mergers and acquisitions.

In particular, the team controlling both the UK and US parts of the business has handled numerous acquisition cases.

In this way we can confidently offer comprehensive legal support acting either on the side as prospective buyers or as prospective sellers, which includes, among other things, legal and tax planning of the optimal structure of the intended transaction, the organisation, preparation and conduct of legal due diligence through physical or electronic data room, drafting and updating the due diligence report with different levels of analysis according to the needs of the client, the type of transaction and the desired cost, drafting and negotiating the transaction documents and, in general, monitoring the completion of the transaction.

We have the local knowledge to apply the regulatory, economic, political and cultural context to legal issues and develop case strategies. We regularly handle technically challenging and complex multi-jurisdictional matters. Our global reach allows us to provide you with fully integrated teams and consistent quality wherever you operate.

We work with you to manage potential risks and implement the most effective solutions to reduce costly escalation. We aim to resolve complex business disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible and deliver solutions that align with your business objectives.

In an environment where regulation and enforcement will only increase, we recognize that effective compliance and avoiding regulatory intervention are critical issues for businesses.

The globalization of markets has brought unlimited commercial opportunities. However, it has also increased the potential for legal liability by exposing companies around the world to financial and reputational risks in many jurisdictions.

Mitigating these risks requires early engagement with experienced lawyers who understand the cultural as well as the legal and regulatory landscapes, but who will relentlessly seek to deliver results for their clients when a dispute or regulatory intervention is unavoidable.

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